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Recently, Ms. Wang, the representative of Queen's University of Canada, came to visit and spoke to students about the application and admission process to apply to Queen’s University. 

The students of the Sino Canada Program have heard from a representative of Queen’s University for the past 8 years consecutively! During that time, many students have received offers from Queen's University and the admission rate has reached more than 70%. Wu Yinjie and other outstanding students from the program were admitted to Bader International Study Centre-Herstmonceux Castle. The center has an annual admission rate of less than 3%.



During the introduction of Queen’s University, Ms. Wang briefly shared the origin, development, and teaching achievements of Queen's University:


As the second oldest university in Ontario, Canada, Queen's University has a long history, and tradition of attention to the quality of teaching and the academic atmosphere.


From the narrative of Ms. Wang, our students have been able to feel the history, fame and evolution of this prestigious, century-old school. A number of “academic firsts” won by this University are most impressive.



In addition to excellent education and a wealth of campus activities, Queen's University's excellence is also reflected in internships, employment and numerous student success stories.


The graduation rate of Queen's University is 89%, and the employment rate of graduates within 6 months is as high as 91%. In addition to providing internship and employment guidance for graduates, the school provides one-to-one guidance for students beginning their undergraduate studies. They assist and support students in a variety of ways from academic and study guidance to a full array of health and psychological services, mentorship and counseling. There are also opportunities for co-op placements and 12 to 16 months professional work placements.


The most popular majors are Business, Medicine, Engineering, and Physics which all rank in the forefront of academia in the country and around the world. Ms. Wang also introduced the students to the requirements and exactly how to develop a personal plan to complete a major.


Our students looked at Queen’s University Admissions Handbook and listened carefully to Ms. Wang’s presentation. After the presentation, many students showed great interest and raised many questions about their favorite majors. Ms. Wang gave detailed answers to everyone.






校训:Sapientia et Doct,rina Stabilitas





Queen's University, the second oldest university in Ontario, Canada, was founded in 1841 under the Royal Charter of Queen Victoria, thus the origin of its name, “Queen’s University”. Together with the University of Toronto and McGill University, the three universities are referred to as “Canadian Ivy League” universities.


Queen's University has 15 different colleges and several international learning centers. It has maintained a high academic standard and is known for its Biology, Medicine, Business, Engineering, Law, Art and Science Faculties. The high level of teaching and academic quality often makes Queen's University students proud to refer their alma mater as "Princeton of Canada."




  • 女王大学的学刊是加国最早发行的大学刊物

  • 加拿大第一所开设政治及经济课程的大学

  • 加拿大第一所开设放射物理课程的大学,亦是加国第一把交椅

  • 第一所利用电传视讯技术教授MBA课程的大学

Queen's University greatly influenced education in Canada and has received many international awards and international prestige. It has been awarded the Queen's Higher Education Anniversary Award six times, which recognizes the outstanding achievements of the students, faculty and academic integrity of the university.


Queen's University is also recognized as an academic pioneer in many fields, celebrating many firsts:


  • The journal of Queen's University is the first university publication to be issued in Canada

  • Canada's first university to offer political and economic courses

  • Canada's first university to offer courses in the Physics of Radiology

  • The first university to teach MBA courses using telex technology

此外,它还拥有一流的商学院医学院和社会科学院生命科学与医学专业,在加拿大专业排名第2,世界排名位居20。人文艺术、教育学、生物、法律等专业都非常有名,培养了不少艺术家、律师以及大批的政治家与学者,比如:政治学研究专家George Perlin和加拿大政坛名家John Meisel,前财政部长John C. Rosbie和加拿大前驻美大使Derek Burney

The university has a first-class Business School, Medicine and Social Science Faculties. Life Sciences and Medicine programs are ranked 2nd in Canada and 20th around the world. Humanities and Arts, Education, Biology, Law and other majors are also well known and respected. They have nurtured, trained and mentored many artists, lawyers and a large number of politicians and scholars. Political Science research expert George Perlin, Canadian statesman John Meisel, former finance minister John Crosbie as well as former Canadian Ambassador to the United States Derek Burney to name a few.


女王大学的商学院(The Stephen J.R. Smith School of Business)以其学术威望和严格的入学筛选而闻名。本科商学院在世界排名中高居第五名,是加拿大竞争最激烈的商学院。


Known for its academic prestige and rigorous admission requirements, the Stephen JR Smith School of Business is one of Canada's most competitive business schools. 85% of business school students will participate in international exchange programs during their third. These students study overseas for a year in universities including HEC Paris, University of Mannheim and many others.


The Stephen JR Smith School of Business is recognized by world-class rating agencies, including American AACSB and the European EQUIS system. This university is also the first in Canada to teach correspondence courses through long-distance learning systems. 


此外,学院还是CFA(特许金融分析师) 国际考试机构的会员单位,课程设置得到CFA官方授权和承认。自2010年起,女王大学商学院秉承高质量的办学风格在多伦多的“华尔街”Bay Street上开设金融硕士项目课程。 


The business school is a member of CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) International Examinations Institute, and its curriculum is officially authorized by CFA.

Since 2010, the Stephen JR Smith School of Business adheres to high quality school standards and offers a Masters Degree in Finance to prepare individuals for a career on Bay Street in Toronto.




During the application season, many overseas universities come to our program to educate our students concerning the latest and most direct application process for them to follow. In addition to sharing this basic information the university representatives share their experiences in studying, working and living at the locations all over the world.

These enrollment lectures and seminars provide students with the information they need to make informed choices when choosing their dream university, the major they are passionate about and choose to study in the future. 

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