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In the remote and impoverished mountainous areas of China, there are many children who have not been able to drink clean, safe water due to economic conditions, scarce water supply and, poor water quality. In this cold winter, they still wear thin clothes every day and carry shabby schoolbags.


To show our love for these children in remote areas, let them have cozy quilts, warm coats, clean water to drink and school bags, we passionately invite you to join us, listening to beautiful music and voices in celebration of your generosity and kindness.

      由苏州工业园区汤妈妈慈善中心主办,苏大附中“中加班”冠名赞助,保利we do 苏州青少年交响乐团 及 Love 苏州原创乐团演出支持的苏附中加·汤妈妈公益2019迎新慈善音乐会,即将在2019年1月13日(周日)苏州独墅湖影剧院正式演出。 

The 2019 Tang Mama Charity Concert on Sunday January 13th, at Suzhou Dushu Lake Theater promises to be an evening to remember. The concert is sponsored by Tang Mama Charity Center of Suzhou Industrial Park and the Sino-Canada Program at Soochow University High School. The Poly WeDo Suzhou Youth Symphony Orchestra and Love Suzhou Original Orchestra will show their support by performing at the CITY OF LOVE Sino-Canada Program Charity Concert.


The Poly WeDo Suzhou Youth Symphony Orchestra was established in 2017 and is affiliated with the Beijing Poly WeDo Art Education Program. It has rapidly grown into the largest youth symphony orchestra in Suzhou. Since its establishment, the orchestra has hosted many large-scale symphony concerts, and has won the 6th National Primary and Secondary School Students Art Performance of Suzhou Awards (Suzhou Education Bureau). In 2018, the orchestra was invited to give the opening performance at the 8th Annual Jiangsu Book Fair. It is hosted by the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee Promotions Department, Jiangsu Provincial Press and Publication Bureau and, Suzhou Municipal People's Government.


Love Suzhou Orchestra wrote "I am a Firefly" a song for some special children supported by Tang Mama Charity. The children participated in the harmony section for the recording of the song written for them. At the concert on Sunday January 13, Love Suzhou Original Orchestra will sing this special song with these children for everyone to hear......



我是一只萤火虫吴佳一/王飞 - 我是一只萤火虫


作词:罗少 佳一

作曲:佳一 王飞



混录:瑞琪 浚浚

拍摄:行者无疆 MIKE丨剪辑:行者无疆


穿过海浪 能去远方 


穿过人潮 抵达繁华


你在身旁 不会孤单

日升月落 我眷念家







我有翅膀 可以飞翔


我有梦想 可以表达


你给的目光 闪烁希望

一个拥抱 幸福就到达








Music, the universal language, opens a brand new door for these children allowing them to create their own futures with courage and love. With all of the challenges, these children can still create and dream about their path of hope and joy through music. There must be a light that shines within all of their hearts.


The students of music club at the Sino-Canada Program made intense preparations for the performance at the charity concert. They have decided the songs that they would sing, in addition to the young voices of the band, there is also a small chorus. Once getting the news about performing at the charity concert, the students began rehearsing under the careful guidance of the Canadian teachers Adam and Matt. Everyone is looking forward to this performance which is of extraordinary significance.


The money from ticket sales and donations at this charity concert will be used for: Siyuan Clean Water Project, Lifesaver Jerry Cans, Schoolbags to Remote Areas Project, and Kind Firefly Suzhou Special Dilemma Children's Public Welfare Project.


      思源安全饮水项目,致力于为我国偏远山区的人们改善恶劣的饮水状况,为当地人提供能够快速高效获得纯净饮用水的Lifesaver Jerrycan(小黄桶)。

The Siyuan Clean Water Project is dedicated to improving drinking water for people in remote mountainous areas of China and providing the locals with the Lifesaver Jerry Can (small yellow barrels) that can quickly and efficiently convert contaminated water to pure, healthy, drinking water.



Schoolbags to Remote Areas Project was founded by Tang Mama Charity Organization. When they visited the poverty-stricken areas and learned of the difficult conditions the students there are facing. There are no school supplies; no paper, no pens, no books for study making learning very difficult. Their hands were frozen and bleeding, the images were heartbreaking. The project appeals to people from all walks of life, to help provide these children basic supplies they need to grow and learn, as every child should.



Kind Firefly Suzhou Special Dilemma Children's Public Welfare Project raises funds for children with special challenges in Suzhou. A child with autism or other special difficulties will get more attention and support so they too, like the firefly, will be gathered into a warm stream of love. The project exists to warm the heart of every special child.


During this Charity Concert, Dushu Lake Theater will be surrounded by music and love, as the performances fill our hearts with beautiful sounds. The great love of the public expressed in music.

Volunteers and participating students from the Sino-Canada Program will work with all the caring people to show their love for the children in poor mountainous areas.

We may not know each other, but working together in the care of others will bring our hearts together, as one. Plan to join us on January 13 to transform the lives of these beautiful children and give them the gift of hope. Enjoy an evening of celebration, song and music that will feed your soul and bring unlimited courage, strength and hope to these brave young souls.

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